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These are related to the Air Compressor news, in which you can learn about the updated information in Air Compressor, to help you better understand and expand Air Compressor market. Because the market for Air Compressor is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • During the long holiday, precautions for the shutdown and startup of the air compressor
    1. Notes on shutdown:1)After the shutdown, the cooling water and condensed water of the air compressor, air storage tank, post-processing and other equipment should be drained;2) Power off all equipment, do a good job of electricity safety and protection;3) Check whether there are inflammable and ex Read More
  • How does refrigerated air dryer work?
    The refrigeration compressor draws the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant in the evaporator into the cylinder. The refrigerant vapor is compressed, and the pressure and temperature increase at the same time. The high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant vapor is pressed to the condens Read More
  • What causes an air compressor to overheat?
    1. The ambient temperature is too high2. Air compressor system lacks oil3. The oil stop valve (oil stop valve) is not working properly4. The problem of oil filter5. Thermal control valve (temperature control valve) fails to work6. Check whether the oil quantity regulator is normal, and increase the Read More
  • How do I choose an oil separator for air compressor?
    1.Identify by the product itself.First look at the appearance of oil separator. The thickness of the galvanized layer of the metal parts is uniform, without rust and burrs. The clearance between the metal end cover and the outer net and the inner net is suitable. The asbestos pad should have graphit Read More
  • What should be paid attention to the waste heat recovery device of air compressor?
    1.Keep the water cleanIf the water contains insoluble solids such as sand, weeds, leaves and various fibers, it is easy to block pipes and heat exchangers or water pumps. 2.Prevent water scalingIf the scale is too thick, it will seriously affect the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger. 3.Prev Read More
  • How do you troubleshoot an air compressor in summer?
    In summer, when the air compressor is used in a continuous high temperature environment,the most common failure is high temperature shutdown.Controlling the ambient temperature of the equipment roomThe operating environment of the air compressor should be below 38 ℃. 2. Air-cooled air compressor to Read More
  • How does desiccant air dryer work?
    Heatless RegenerativeDesiccant Air Dryer Read More
  • How often should I change my air dryer filter?
    Clean the back condenser of the equipment more than once a week with dry compressed air or copper;Check the automatic drain valve for any blockages every month, and clean it if necessary;Every three months, check whether the fan blades of the cooling fan have any bad vibration.Check and tighten all Read More
  • Do I need an air dryer for my compressor?
    The main function of the freeze dryer is to remove the moisture in the compressed air to ensure the stability of production.In the production process, compressed air needs to pass through the pipeline to reach the pneumatic equipment and the gas end. The compressed air usually contains water, oil, d Read More
  • How do I choose an air dryer?
    With different compressed air inlet temp., the Refrigerated Air Dryer is divided into Standard Air Dryer and High-Temp AirDryer. Then it's divided again into Air-cooled Dryer and Water-cooled Dryer according to diverse cooling styles.To collect the suitable refr Read More
  • How is air dryer capacity calculated?
    To collect the suitable refrigerated air dryer,first have to confirm the Max. flow rate Nm3/min、Min. air inlet pressure MPa(g)、Max. air inlet temp.℃、Max. ambient temp.℃、Max. coolant water temp.℃,and then check the following data to calcute the Actual Nominal Flow Read More
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