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How does desiccant air dryer work?

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Heatless Regenerative

Desiccant Air Dryer

The working principle of heatless regenerative desiccant airdryer is taking the theory of Pressure Change Adsorption.The desiccant absorbs moisture of compressed air under the pipe network's pressure,then adsorption under the atmosphere pressure.Retrieving some dry air from the outlet of dryer to dehydrate the desiccant,adsorption in one tank and desorption in the other tank,two tanks workalternately and re-cycle, so the clean and dry compressed air will be supplied continually.


Heat Purge Regenerative

Desiccant Air Dryer

Heat purge regenerative desiccant air dryer is designed on the base of heatless air dryer by adding a heater.

The regenerative air will heat the desiccant after temperature raised.Thus reached better regeneration

efficiency.Also reduced regenerative air consumption and achieved energy saving.


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