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Problems with using refrigerant dryer for air compressor

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①The flow pressure and temperature of the compressed air should be within the allowable range of the nameplate;

②The installation site should be ventilated and less dusty, and there should be enough space for heat dissipation and maintenance around the machine, and it should not be installed outdoors to avoid rain and direct sunlight;

③The refrigerant dryer is generally allowed to be installed without foundation, but the ground must be leveled;

④ It should be as close to the user point as possible to avoid the pipeline being too long;

⑤There should be no detectable corrosive gas in the surrounding environment, especially not to be in the same room with ammonia refrigeration equipment;

⑥ The filtration precision of the pre-filter of the cold-drying machine should be appropriate, and excessive precision is not necessary for the cold-drying machine;

⑦The cooling water inlet and outlet pipes should be set up independently, especially the outlet pipes should not be shared with other water cooling equipment, so as to avoid the drainage obstruction caused by the pressure difference;

⑧ Keep the drainage of the automatic drainer unobstructed at all times;

⑨ Do not start the dryer continuously;

⑩ The parameter indicators of the compressed air actually processed by the refrigerating machine, especially when the intake air temperature and working pressure are inconsistent with the rated value, should be corrected according to the "correction coefficient" provided by the sample to avoid overload operation.

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