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Centrifugal Air Compressor/Filter Running Trouble and Treatment Method

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1.Oil pressure drops suddenly

The reason for the sudden drop of compressor oil pressure is more complicated, and it is closely related to the composition of the internal components of the unit. The handling of this fault should be determined according to the actual situation. Under normal circumstances, the drop of oil pressure is related to the oil pipes of the lubrication system such as oil pumps and oil pipes. To deal with this fault, it is necessary to do a good job of pressure testing and treatment. For example, when the oil pump failure is reduced, the pressure is also reduced, and the oil pump should be checked in time to find out the cause of the failure; when the failure is related to the oil pipe, the failure is caused by the rupture of the oil pipe and caused leakage, and the specific measure is to replace the new oil pipe.

2.Reduced gas outlet flow

The main reason for the reduction of the gas outlet flow is the filter and the sealing device. Improper control of these two components will reduce the gas flow and affect the normal function of the compressor equipment. Troubleshooting methods: First, the reduction of the suction volume caused by the blockage of the gas filter is the main reason for the failure of the filter, which can be eliminated by cleaning the gas filter; Second, the reason for the failure of the sealing device is the sealing gap. Too large, causing leakage, the best solution is to replace the seal, or adjust it as specified.

3.Cooler outlet temperature too high

The temperature at the outlet of the gas cooler is greater than 60 ℃, and the occurrence of this fault is related to the cooling water volume of the cooler and its cooling pipe, flow rate, and the cooperation between the tube sheet and the tube. For example, the loose fit between the tube sheet and the tube or the rupture of the cooling tube makes it impossible to maintain the temperature at the outlet of the gas cooler, which exceeds the allowable range; the operating pressure of the compressor is too high, which increases the wear of the components, resulting in a significant temperature increase Phenomenon. The specific treatment measures are to use a tube expander to expand the loose tube, or to block both ends of the damaged tube, and clean the core of the cooler.

4.Bearing temperature is too high

Bearing is the core component of centrifugal compressor operation failure, which determines the operation efficiency of the entire equipment. Excessive bearing temperature is a common fault in compressor operation. The main manifestations of temperature faults: the diameter of the throttle ring of the oil inlet of the bearing is too small, and the oil intake is insufficient; the oil pressure of the lubrication system drops or the oil filter is blocked, and the oil intake decreases; the cooling water of the oil cooler is insufficient, and the oil inlet temperature is too high. high. According to these fault phenomena, the actual treatment process needs to repair the oil pump, oil pipe or clean the oil filter of the lubricating system; adjust the water intake of the cooling water of the oil cooler; the diameter of the throttle ring of the oil inlet of the bearing is too small, and the oil intake is insufficient. Large throttle ring aperture; overhaul the oil cooler, eliminate water leakage or replace with new oil.

5.Excessive bearing vibration

The vibration load increases the bearing capacity of the bearing, and causes the failure and loss of the centrifugal air compressor structure, which is very harmful to the damage of the parts. The failure performance of the bearing vibration load exceeding the standard: the dynamic balance accuracy of the rotor or the gear of the speed increaser is destroyed; the interference between the bearing cover and the back of the bearing pad is too small; the gear meshing is poor, and the gear is severely worn or damaged. For this kind of fault handling, the main method is to recalibrate the dynamic balance; scrape and grind the horizontal middle face of the bearing cap or grind the adjusting shim to ensure that the interference is 0.02 ~ 0.06 mm; check the gear wear and re-correct the difference between the large and small gears. Parallelism, center distance and meshing area to make it meet the requirements.

6.Cooler cooling effect is poor

The cooler is mainly used to adjust the stability of the internal temperature of the compressor, maintain a balanced temperature to create a superior compressor operating environment, and the cooling failure failure affects the functioning of the entire equipment. Main failure manifestations: the cooling capacity of the gas cooler is reduced; the surface area of the cooling pipe is fouled; the cooling pipe is broken or the fit between the pipe and the tube sheet is loose. To deal with the failure of the cooler, it is necessary to check the parts from various aspects, and at the same time, focus on the amount of cooling water. It is required that the water flow rate in the cooler pipe should be less than 2 m/s; clean the cooler core; block the ends of the damaged pipe or expand the pipe with The device will tighten the loose tube. When necessary, the cooler installation can be re-selected to improve the cooling effect of the actual operation of the compressor and reduce the incidence of cooling failures.

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