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Compared with desiccant air dryers, what are the characteristics of refrigerant air dryers?

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Refrigerant air dryers have the following features:

① There is no air source consumption. For most air source users, using a cold dryer saves energy than an adsorption dryer;

②No valve wear;

③ No need to add or replace the adsorbent regularly;

④ Low operating noise;

⑤ Daily maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the automatic drain filter is cleaned on time;

⑥ There are no special requirements for the pre-treatment of the air source and the supporting air compressor, and the general oil-water separator can meet the requirements of the air-intake quality of the refrigerating machine;

⑦ The refrigerant air dryer has a "self-cleaning" effect on the exhaust gas, that is, the content of solid impurities in the exhaust gas is less;

⑧ While discharging the condensed water, part of the oil vapor can also be condensed into liquid oil mist and discharged with the condensed water.

Compared with the desiccant air dryer, the "pressure dew point" of the compressed air treatment by the refrigerant air dryer can only reach about 10 °C, so the drying depth of the gas is far less than that of the desiccant air dryer. The machine cannot meet the requirements of the process for the dryness of the air source. A selection convention has been formed in the technical field: when the "pressure dew point" is required to be above zero, the refrigerated dryer is first, and when the "pressure dew point" is required to be below zero, the desiccant dryer is the only choice.

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