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During the long holiday, precautions for the shutdown and startup of the air compressor

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1. Notes on shutdown:

1)After the shutdown, the cooling water and condensed water of the air compressor, air storage tank, post-processing and other equipment should be drained;

2) Power off all equipment, do a good job of electricity safety and protection;

3) Check whether there are inflammable and explosive materials in the pipeline valve and machine room;

4) Pay attention to the rainproof and antifreeze work of the computer room;

2. Notes on booting:

1) Before starting the air compressor, make sure that the oil temperature is not lower than 5 degrees. If the temperature is too low, please use a heating device to heat the oil and gas barrel and the main engine.

2) Check that the oil level is in the normal position, and the water cooling unit should also check whether the cooling water discharge port is closed.

3) After the equipment is powered off, the coupling of the main engine should be turned by hand. It should rotate flexibly. For the body that is difficult to turn, please do not blindly start it. Check whether the body or motor is faulty, and whether the lubricating oil is viscous and ineffective, etc. Troubleshooting can be turned on afterward.

3. For machines that have been shut down for a long time or the oil filter has been used for a long time, it is recommended to replace the oil filter before starting the machine to prevent the oil penetrating the oil filter from being reduced due to the viscosity of the oil when the machine is just started.


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