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What causes an air compressor to overheat?

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复件 冷干机工厂封面


1. The ambient temperature is too high

2. Air compressor system lacks oil

3. The oil stop valve (oil stop valve) is not working properly

4. The problem of oil filter

5. Thermal control valve (temperature control valve) fails to work

6. Check whether the oil quantity regulator is normal, and increase the fuel injection quantity if necessary

7. If the oil exceeds the usage time, the oil will deteriorate

8. Check if the oil cooler is working properly

9. Check whether the temperature of the cooling water inlet is too high, whether the water pressure and flow are normal, and for the air-cooled model, check whether the ambient temperature is too high

10. The air-cooled unit mainly checks whether the temperature difference between the incoming and outgoing oil is about 10 degrees

11. There is a problem with the fan of the air-cooled machine. The fan does not rotate, the fan is reversed, and only two fans are turned on

12. Problems of exhaust duct installed by customers of air-cooled models

13. The temperature sensor reading is not accurate

14. The computer reading is not accurate

15. Air compressor head problem

16. Incorrect lubricating oil specifications or poor quality

17. Check if the air filter is blocked

18. Check if the pressure is too high

19. Blockage of oil and gas separator

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