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What should be paid attention to the waste heat recovery device of air compressor?

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1.Keep the water clean

If the water contains insoluble solids such as sand, weeds, leaves and various fibers, it is easy to block pipes and heat exchangers or water pumps.


2.Prevent water scaling

If the scale is too thick, it will seriously affect the heat exchange effect of the heat exchanger.


3.Prevent water freezing inside the heat exchanger

When the temperature is low in winter, if the system is stopped and unused, the water in the pipes and the heat exchanger must be completely drained to prevent the heat exchanger from freezing and freezing.


4.According to the power of the circulating pump and hot water delivery pump, the wire diameter of the power cord is correctly selected

The small diameter of the high-temperature wire inside the host will cause the original electrical appliances to be burned and lead to hidden safety hazards.


5.The connecting pipe of the air compressor and the waste heat recovery machine must be sealed and fastened with high temperature and high pressure fittings, so as not to cause oil leakage and air leakage.


6.The waste heat recovery machine should be placed indoors, installed and used in a well-ventilated, non-humid, non-corrosive condition.

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