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What is the difference between desiccant and refrigerated air dryers?

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1.The working principle is different.

The working principle of the refrigerated dryer is to use the refrigerant to exchange heat and cold with compressed air to reduce the temperature of the compressed air,so that the water molecules in the air are condensed into liquid water and discharged. The working principle of the desiccant dryer is to use activated carbon, alumina, molecular sieve and other desiccants to adsorb the water molecules in the compressed air, so that the air loses moisture to the extent of drying.

2.The pressure dew point is different.

Pressure dew point refers to the temperature at which the moisture released from compressed air reaches saturation, that is, the degree of dryness. The lower the pressure dew point, the higher the degree of dryness. The pressure dew point of the refrigerated air dryer can only reach 10 ℃, and the pressure dew point of the desiccant air dryer can reach -20 to 40 ℃, and the lowest can reach -70 ℃, which can achieve high quality gas standards.

3.Different energy consumption.

The energy consumption is different, mainly reflected in the loss of gas volume. The refrigerated air dryer is designed to reduce the temperature to achieve the purpose of condensing the water in the compressed air into liquid water, and the liquid water is discharged from the machine through the automatic drain, so there is no loss of air volume. The desiccant air dryer is because the desiccant absorbs the moisture in the compressed air. Once the desiccant absorbs the moisture to reach saturation, an excess of dehydration is required. Therefore, 5% -10% of regeneration gas loss is required.

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