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How do I choose an air dryer?

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With different compressed air inlet temp., the Refrigerated Air Dryer is divided into Standard Air Dryer and High-Temp AirDryer.

Then it's divided again into Air-cooled Dryer and Water-cooled Dryer according to diverse cooling styles.

To collect the suitable refrigerated air dryer,first have to confirm the Max. flow rate Nm3/min、Min. air inlet pressure MPa(g)、Max. air inlet temp.℃、Max. ambient temp.℃、Max. coolant water temp.℃,and then check the following data to calcute the Actual Nominal Flow Rate.

1.    Maximum air flow in standard cubic feet per minute (scfm)

2.    Inlet air pressure.

3.    Inlet air temperature.

4.    Ambient air temperature (and water temperature if condenser is water-cooled)

5.    Desired pressure dew point.

6.    Utilities required.

7.    Installation.

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