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How do I choose an oil separator for air compressor?

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1.Identify by the product itself.

First look at the appearance of oil separator. The thickness of the galvanized layer of the metal parts is uniform, without rust and burrs. The clearance between the metal end cover and the outer net and the inner net is suitable. The asbestos pad should have graphite coating, the thickness is consistent and there are conductive nails with reliable contact, epoxy resin High, consistent without spillovers and defects, this is excellent, but inferior.


2.By oil separator weight.

The difference in oil separator weight lies in two aspects. One is that the thickness of the steel plate and the mesh are insufficient. The second is that the oil separator of the same size can reduce the cost by reducing the inner diameter of the filter paper to reduce the cost. Some manufacturers reduce the cost by reducing the number of filter paper layers, which will affect the quality of the oil separator.


3.Whether the craft is perfect.

By pressing the winding layer, the winding oil content feels whether the tightness is consistent, and consistency is the best; if the tightness is inconsistent, the filter paper is easily pleated. Such an oil core is easily broken by air flow during use, resulting in increased oil consumption of the oil core. By observing and measuring the folds and folds of the folded oil core, the gap between the peak and valley of the mesh and the filter paper is the same size. The folded oil is of high fold and high fold, so the filter area is large, the oil content is low, the pressure difference is low long life. Because the strength of the oil core mesh is relatively high, a large number of folds will not cause a double fold.


4.In the end, we have to look at the actual use effect, and try to compare the oil content, pressure drop and service life to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages.


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