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  • Problems with using refrigerant dryer for air compressor


    Apureda Professional DryerAustin WangEmail:austin@apureda.com.cnMobile/Whatsapp/Skype/Wechat:008613816781934①The flow pressure and temperature of the compressed air should be within the allowable range of the nameplate;②The installation site should be ventilated and less dusty, and there should be e Read More
  • Compared with desiccant air dryers, what are the characteristics of refrigerant air dryers?


    APUREDA Professional Refrigerant Air DryerMr.Austin WangPhone/whatsapp/skype/wechat:008613816781934Email:austin@apureda.com.cnRefrigerant air dryers have the following features:① There is no air source consumption. For most air source users, using a cold dryer saves energy than an adsorption dryer;② Read More
  • Centrifugal Air Compressor/Filter Running Trouble and Treatment Method


    Apureda Centrifugal Filter/CompressorMr.Austin WangMobile/whatsapp/skype/wechat:008613816781934 Email:austin@apureda.com.cn1.Oil pressure drops suddenlyThe reason for the sudden drop of compressor oil pressure is more complicated, and it is closely related to the composition of the internal componen Read More
  • During the long holiday, precautions for the shutdown and startup of the air compressor


    1. Notes on shutdown:1)After the shutdown, the cooling water and condensed water of the air compressor, air storage tank, post-processing and other equipment should be drained;2) Power off all equipment, do a good job of electricity safety and protection;3) Check whether there are inflammable and ex Read More
  • How does refrigerated air dryer work?


    The refrigeration compressor draws the low-pressure and low-temperature refrigerant in the evaporator into the cylinder. The refrigerant vapor is compressed, and the pressure and temperature increase at the same time. The high-pressure and high-temperature refrigerant vapor is pressed to the condens Read More
  • Various causes of high air compressor temperature


    1. Too high ambient temperature will cause high temperature to the screw air compressor. This mainly affects the air compressor from two aspects. A: The higher the temperature, the thinner the air (as if the efficiency of the air compressor is low in the plateau area), resulting in a decrease in the Read More
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