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These articles are all highly relevant air dryer. I believe this information can help you understand air dryer's professional information. If you want to know more, you can contact us at any time, we can provide you with more professional guidance.
  • How often should I change my air dryer filter?
    Clean the back condenser of the equipment more than once a week with dry compressed air or copper;Check the automatic drain valve for any blockages every month, and clean it if necessary;Every three months, check whether the fan blades of the cooling fan have any bad vibration.Check and tighten all Read More
  • Do I need an air dryer for my compressor?
    The main function of the freeze dryer is to remove the moisture in the compressed air to ensure the stability of production.In the production process, compressed air needs to pass through the pipeline to reach the pneumatic equipment and the gas end. The compressed air usually contains water, oil, d Read More
  • How do I choose an air dryer?
    With different compressed air inlet temp., the Refrigerated Air Dryer is divided into Standard Air Dryer and High-Temp AirDryer. Then it's divided again into Air-cooled Dryer and Water-cooled Dryer according to diverse cooling styles.To collect the suitable refr Read More
  • How is air dryer capacity calculated?
    To collect the suitable refrigerated air dryer,first have to confirm the Max. flow rate Nm3/min、Min. air inlet pressure MPa(g)、Max. air inlet temp.℃、Max. ambient temp.℃、Max. coolant water temp.℃,and then check the following data to calcute the Actual Nominal Flow Read More
  • What is the use of air dryer?
    The main function of an Air Dryer is to remove moisture from the air by cooling it with refrigerant. And then the water is condensed, and the air can be compressed. The result is dry compressed air, which can be used in compressed air equipment without causing any damage. Read More
  • How to hook up a compressor to an air dryer?
    Send the power supply to the control box, press the ON button of the start button or NO / OFF button switch, the operation indicator indicates that the device contactor is closed, and the compressor runs. At this time, the pointer of the refrigerant low-pressure meter should indicate within the rang Read More
  • How to check the refrigerant leak in the refrigeration system of the air dryer
    Leak detection should be performed under the conditions of system working pressure or filling with a certain amount of refrigerant. There are several common methods for checking leaking refrigerant:(1) Leak detection by visual method: In the refrigeration system, if oil leakage, dripping or oil leak Read More
  • Regeneration temperature is too low
    1.Temperature control failure or setting is too low: reset the setting and replace if necessary.2.Regeneration flow is too low: readjust3.High backwash pressure of regeneration tower: readjusted4.Bad heater: replace heater5.Contactor failure: repair or replace6.Power problem: check wiring7.Short hea Read More
  • Refrigerant low pressure trip
    Failure situation: After the device trips, the failure indicator will indicate that the device cannot be turned on.Cause two: internal leakage of refrigerantInternal leak can be detected by compressed air or segmented detection1.Compressed air detection methodOpen the bypass valve of the air line an Read More
  • Refrigerant low pressure trip
    Failure situation: After the device trips, the failure indicator will indicate that the device cannot be turned on.Cause one: The external leakage of the refrigerant in the equipment refrigeration system.External leakage can be checked visually or with soapy water (mainly check the following points) Read More
  • Excessive pressure drop at the inlet and outlet of the air dryer
    Failure situation: There is a pressure difference between the inlet pressure and the outlet pressure of the refrigerated air dryer.Cause one: The evaporator's evaporation temperature is too low, causing ice inside the evaporator;Cause two: The diameter of the compressed air pipeline is smaller than Read More
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