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How to hook up a compressor to an air dryer?

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Send the power supply to the control box, press the ON button of the start button or NO / OFF button switch, the operation indicator indicates that the device contactor is closed, and the compressor runs. At this time, the pointer of the refrigerant low-pressure meter should indicate within the range of 0.38-0.42IP.

If the load exceeds this range, please adjust according to "Evaporation Pressure Adjustment".

After the compressor runs smoothly, the pressure of the refrigerant high-pressure gauge rises to 1.2 ~ 2.6MPa. When the high-pressure refrigerant pressure is higher than this range, please check whether the heat dissipation of the condenser is good, the inlet temperature of the air compressor and the ambient temperature are too high. When the antifreeze switch is lower than 1.2MPa, the condensing fan stops to increase the pressure to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. If the equipment is operated under low pressure for a long time, please check whether the refrigeration system leaks and whether the ambient temperature is too low.

To avoid compressor damage caused by frequent starting. It takes more than three minutes to restart after shutdown.

The valves on the equipment have been adjusted before leaving the factory. If you are not a professional, please do not adjust the valves to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment.

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