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Refrigerant low pressure trip

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Failure situation: After the device trips, the failure indicator will indicate that the device cannot be turned on.

Cause two: internal leakage of refrigerant
Internal leak can be detected by compressed air or segmented detection
1.Compressed air detection method
Open the bypass valve of the air line and close the inlet and outlet valves of the dryer
Fully release the pressure of the refrigeration system, and then open the inlet valve of the dryer to allow compressed air to enter the dryer. If there is a leak in the evaporator or subcooler, the pressure gauge of the refrigeration system will have a pressure indication, and the final indicated pressure Will be as high as the pressure of the compressed air.
2.Segmented detection method
Cause one: The copper pipe cut sections at the inlet and outlet of the evaporator and the subcooler are respectively subjected to the pressure maintaining and leak detection of the evaporator and the subcooler.
Cause two, the low pressure protection pressure has been set
High Cause Three: Refrigerant refrigerant blockage
Cause four: the ambient temperature is too low
Reason five: too little refrigerant

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