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What is the difference between desiccant air dryer and refrigerant air dryer?

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1. Difference in working principle:

The refrigerant air dryer uses the principle of cooling air to reduce the temperature of the air, and the moisture in the humid air is condensed out of the air after condensation to obtain drier air. The desiccant air dryer uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption. When the wet air passes through the adsorbent, the moisture is adsorbed by the adsorbent to obtain dry air.


2. Different pressure dew point:

The pressure dew point of the refrigerant air dryer is 2 10; the pressure dew point of the desiccant air dryer is -20 -70.


3. The difference in energy loss:

Refrigerants for refrigerant air dryers (R22, R600, R134a, etc.), and adsorbents for desiccant air dryers (molecular sieve, activated alumina).


4. Different gas consumption:

There is no gas loss in the refrigerant air dryer. Although the desiccant air dryer is not affected by the ambient temperature, it has a certain amount of air consumption.

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