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The 7th anniversary of cooperation between DOW and APUREDA

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On March 8, 2019, Ms. Ester Baiget, Global President of Dow Chemical Industry Solutions Business Unit, and Mr. Simsiri Witcha, Commercial Director of Asia Pacific, visited the Apureda Industrial Park. Ms. Dong, General Manager of Apureda, hosted the reception ceremony.



Accompanied by Ms. Dong and her colleagues, the Dow Chemical VIP visited the Laboratories.


In the interactive communication, Mr. Dong Bisong, Sales Director of the Oil Products Division, introduced the development history, current situation and future planning of APD, the cooperation process of APD and DOW, the advantages of APD channels, and the new Dow UCON Air Compressor Lubricant S-6/S-8 sales outlook, and put forward specific marketing ideas, such as OEM customer target customer follow-up, after-sales market promotion and so on.


 Ms. Ester Baiget expressed her sincere gratitude to Apureda’s hospitality and affirmed the cooperation between APD and DOW. The cooperation between Dow and Apureda has been fruitful for 7 years. The two sides have established a beneficial and perfect work exchange mechanism. Ms. Ester expressed satisfaction with the promotion of Dow products in the Chinese market. She is confident in the development of the new S6/S8 in Chinese market and the development of the global market. She said that she would continue to work hard to promote mutual cooperation.

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