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High Temperature Air Cooling Refrigeration Air Dryer

Capacity: 2~300 Nm³/min
Air inlet temp.:2~80℃
Pressure dew point:2~10℃
Pressure drop:≤5%P
Ambient temp.: 2~38℃
Air inlet pressure:0.4~1.0MPa
Cooling:Air cooled
Standard working condition:
Air inlet temp.:65℃,
Air inlet pressure:0.7MPa(G)

1. Coolant compressor

Adopting Japanese brand Panasonic, Hitachi, Daikin and other digital rotor or scroll compressor brings ultra-high energy efficiency, outstanding reliability and less moving parts. The patented flexible design provides unprecedented resistance to liquid and tolerance;

Configure the motor overheat protection device to protect the motor from high temperature and high voltage flow;

Low noise and low exhaust pulse noise value is 5 decibels lower than piston compressor;

2. Evaporator/heat exchanger

Adopt high efficiency heat exchanging copper tube to enlarge the heat exchange area over 10%. Thus the heat exchange efficiency increase 30% compared with traditional model.

3. Condenser

   The condenser adopts professional designed and hydrophilic treatment of 3003 rust-proof aluminum and popular brand copper tube. It also adopts mechanical expansion tube to ensure good contact between the fin and the tube surface to achieve small thermal resistance and anti-corrosion ability.

The patented refrigerant inlet and outlet positioning and strengthening device changes the vibration frequency and direction of the refrigerant pipeline, which greatly improving the anti-vibration capability;

Equipped with internationally renowned external rotor fans such as Dunley, Mahr, and Weiguang, and then use ambient air to cool high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor;

Adopting the suction type structure makes the internal space of the dryer is always in the normal temperature environment, and ensures well operation of the electrical components and refrigeration components of the dryer. The maximum withstand temperature can reach 45 °C.

4. Pressure control switch

The pressure controller is used to protect the compressor from excessive suction pressure or excessive exhaust pressure. It is made by a professional manufacturer. It is small in size and easy to install. It has reliable action and good sensitivity. It can ensure rapid action when the pressure of the refrigerant is too high. It has better anti-vibration and anti-shock settings to ensure stable operation of the refrigeration system and improve product stability.

5. Heat expansion valve

The expansion valve is a throttling device that regulates the flow of liquid refrigerant flowing into the evaporator depending on the thermal load of the evaporator. The main function of the valve is to maintain the maximum cooling capacity of the evaporator and prevent liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor through the suction line to protect the compressor.

6. Patented water drainage device

Simple and ingenious integrated suction and sewage design, with large capacity condensate storage space and deposition depth, standard manual ball valve and electronic drain valve, which can reliably and thoroughly remove condensate water.

7. Auto drain valve

The function of the electronic drain valve is to remove the condensate water from the air compressor, cooler, water separator, refrigerated dryer and air filter in a timely manner. The condensate water discharge time is adjustable from 0.5 minutes to 45 minutes, and the discharge time is adjustable from 0.5 seconds to 10 seconds. Specially equipped with a transparent flame-retardant waterproof cover to ensure that the drain valve coil is not easily damaged.

8. Power switch, contactor and thermal relay

Careful selected long-life and high-sensitively switches, contactors and thermal relays, which can quickly jump off when the machine is overloaded to avoid the delay of the machine. All have pass the CE/UL certification.

9. Dry filter

The dry&filter combination design can effectively prevent moisture, filtrate and soluble matter from entering key parts of the refrigeration system, thus ensures that the system operates under optimal conditions.

2. Specification

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